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Al-Manama Distinguished Contracting, Maintenance, and Operation Establishment offers a distinguished set of services that it is keen to perform in a professional manner, gaining the admiration and trust of its customers

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Management and operation of hospitals-almanamh

Management and operation of hospitals

Almanamh Group manages and operates hospitals with professionalism and high quality in the medical and non-medical operation sectors, general maintenance and maintenance of medical equipment under the supervision of specialized and professional experts to reach an integrated system of outstanding superior performance that ensures the provision of high-quality services to patients, companions and visitors.

Management and operation of 5-star hotels-almanamh

Management and operation of 5-star hotels

We are distinguished by the efficiency and quality of our staff, including chefs, hosts, caterers, room services, receiving guests and hotel guests, and providing the finest hospitality services at the hands of specialized Filipino employees.

Cleaning and sterilization services-almanamh

Cleaning and sterilization services

The institution carries out internal and external cleaning and sterilization with the latest tools and means, and a qualified and trained staff capable of providing service with outstanding quality and high speed. The institution uses high-quality cleaning and sterilization materials in accordance with standard and safe specifications for public health and the environment.

Catering services-almanamh

Catering services

We provides catering services. as An integrated service that covers all aspects of the event, starting from Planning menus and hiring chefs to prepare food according to the customer wishes, preparing dining tables, decorations and lighting, can also provide entertainment for the event and our experience Excellent in hospital kitchens and cafeterias.

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