Recruitment of foreign labor for Saudi institutions

Looking for a trusted company to recruit foreign labor for Saudi institutions? Looking for a Filipina as a housemaid or for institutional work? No need to search, Al Manama Distinguished Establishment will help in the recruitment of foreign labor for your institutions. Since we are fully aware of what you are looking for. Thus, you will find that we have trained labor at the highest level of efficiency.

In addition, we provide labor in various sectors to keep pace with the development of the labor markets. Al Manama Distinguished Establishment seeks to reach the satisfaction of its customers and the institutions it deals with. We provide you with specialized workers with a high level of efficiency. We are working on recruiting the best labor from abroad that matches your organizations objectives with high qualifications and training. These jobs include cleaning, sterilization, and serving in hospitals, hotels, restaurants, schools, buildings, and parks. In addition, nursing or technical workers for maintenance work. You can find everything you want with us.

The importance of trained labor in increasing production

Al Manama Distinguished Establishment has studied the labor market in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the Gulf Cooperation Council countries. Then we came up with the average of required labor for postings in various jobs. The labor market needs trained and highly qualified laborers that produce well and also participation in accomplishing success. Thus; labor is one of the most important things that are required to increase production and fill the gap in the economic improvement plan. Whatever the sector of business of companies, they play a vital role in any business or sectors such as hotels, restaurants, parks, hospitals, schools, and trained housemaids.

A great diversity of commercial projects has appeared which has caused an increase in the demand for labor supply from abroad. Labor efficiency affects the success of the entire institution. We supply trained and authorized labor that has a license. In addition, we provide you with experienced labor at reasonable prices for your organization and all the services it provides.

Standards of recruitment of foreign labor for Saudi institutions 

Al Manama Distinguished Establishment strives to recruit distinguished workers aimed at achieving the objectives of the various institutions according to their specialization. Therefore, the most advanced labor of the best-approved nationalities is recruited.

We work according to specific standards to improve the institutions and their services by selecting the appropriate labor that matches any job requirements.

Highest level training for foreign labor

There is more to benefit from Al Manama Distinguished Establishment, due to our training for foreign laborers. In addition, the labor is trained to provide a distinguished service that exceeds expectations. It is approved by International Quality Specifications (ISO). This labor is also characterized by the continuous development of the service in accordance with the requirements of the labor market in any field and the work it does is at the highest level of proficiency. Thus, our labor will fully match the needs of clients and gain their trust and satisfaction with the service provided.

Recruitment of foreign labor for Saudi institutions and companies in various fields

Al Manama Distinguished Establishment provides trained labor for all institutions, and our services extend to all governorates in Saudi Arabia. Therefore, we are working on recruiting the best workers. We will present the most important types of our services as follows:

First: Foreign labor for cleaning services

The processing of cleaning in the health sector is one of the most essential standards for infection control. Therefore, we provide you with trained foreign labor that follows the health and hygiene standards necessary for various services in hospitals, hotels, offices, and restaurants. In addition to trained housemaids for each category such as trained Filipino housemaids, Indonesian laborers, or trained Indian workers for office. Where workers do what they have been trained to clean and sterilize inside and outside. In addition, we provide other facilities like the latest and most environmentally-friendly sterilization technology. And also materials, chemicals, and items we import for the cleaning process. It is of high quality and with international standards for public safety. This aims to raise the level of services and reach customer satisfaction.

Second: Employment in the catering and hotel sector

Al Manama Distinguished Establishment provides the most skilled, highly experienced, specialized, and professional chefs in the food industry and catering sector, whether within household services or the services of other institutions. Where we offer you a regular workforce that performs all comprehensive catering services, it begins with setting a plan that organizes and manages its services. It begins with preparing and defining menus, managing and meeting the desires of customers in all projects, and businesses, whether in restaurants, hospitals, casinos, cafeterias, shops, offices, malls, halls Banquets, schools, and domestic work. Not only that, but it also provides all the additional services required by these establishments, such as tables, decoration, and entertainment. 

Third: Appropriate employment for general contracting services

Al Manama Distinguished Establishment is distinguished in the fields of general contracting because of its operation and maintenance services for various sites in the fields of civil engineering, construction, and all electrical, mechanical, and sanitary services. In addition, it follows the highest standards of quality and safety for public security. It also has specialized and technical labor for the implementation of various projects in the field of mechanical contracting in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia as well as the Gulf Cooperation Countries.

Advantages of foreign labor in Al Manama Distinguished Establishment

  1. Honesty in dealing with and keeping secrets of work agents.
  2. Professional and practical experience in various jobs.
  3. Training program on all institutional services.
  4. Personal hygiene.
  5. Professional representation of the institute.
  6. Full data knowledge of the requirements, and work rules.
  7. Effective communication skills with managers, colleagues, and clients. Improving the quality of the services.
  8. Teamwork skills.
  9. Effectively accomplish work in a short duration.
  10. In addition to following the labor law.
  11. Ensure customer satisfaction and trust.
  12. The worker can achieve more than one service at the same time with high efficiency.
  13. Outstanding competitive cost.
  14. The worker has full knowledge of prohibited works.
  15. The worker has high efficiency in producing work.

Import high qualified workers from different nationalities

Al Manama Distinguished Establishment for recruitment of foreign labor for Saudi institutions recruits laborers mainly from Asian countries. In addition, they are from countries authorized and approved by the Saudi Ministry of Labor and Gulf Labor. The most important of these nationalities are:

1) Recruiting foreign laborers from the Philippines

Filipino labor is distinguished from other nationalities by the speed period of adaptation in any accommodation in any country. They have efficiency in various categories of work. Moreover, they fully commit to working rules and seek customer satisfaction in any company. It is also one of the most preferred nationalities due to its spread in the Gulf in all institutions even with the nationals in the houses.

It proved its efficiency many years ago as a distinguished home maid, cleaner, or nurse. In addition, there are a large number of Filipino workers who have adapted to emigration and normal life face to face with many local Arab families in their houses in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the Arabian Gulf.

2) Recruitment of highly experienced labor from Indonesia

Due to the workers natural character, they commit to working in all fields such as providing hotel services with high efficiency and cleaning hotel rooms, or schools. It also manages to be a cleaner, domestic maid, and baby setting for the children. Especially women are most required for hiring as they meet the needs of hospitals for nursing and patient care in many operations, besides giving the patient the prescribed medicine and drugs.

3) Recruitment of trained foreign labor of Bangladeshi nationality

It showed the efficiency and production skills required in many jobs such as the employed worker in cleaning, cooking, hotel work, nursing, hospitals...etc. Moreover, they can easily hire at a reasonable rate.

4) Recruitment of Indian labor

They are chosen from both male and female labor due to the abundance of unemployment labor in India. In addition to their efficiency, their technical expertise is distinguished in working in the Arabian Gulf. Besides, they are a suitable cost for most institutions, and it is also licensed by the authorities. Many of them have prior experience in driving.

Why choose Al Manama Distinguished Establishment?

Al Manama Distinguished Establishment is your portal for more success as we guarantee the following:

  1. Providing companies with the best labor that matches the capacity of the companies.
  2. Work according to a good knowledge of the needs of the labor market.
  3. Seeking to develop its services and supply more efficient labor.
  4. Special training for the labor to perform services efficiently with quality.
  5. Keeping pace with the development of services according to market requirements.
  6. Ensure to build a strategic relationship with clients and institutions.
  7. The ability to understand and meet customer desires.
  8. Striving to cooperate with all institutions to develop and improve services.
  9. Commitment to the timetable for the implementation of the deal or contract in accordance with the technical specifications and services.
  10. Providing high-quality service and lower rates to restaurants, hotels, hospitals, institutions, schools, universities, etc.
  11. Provides a variety of employment in various fields such as cleaning workers, nannies, cooks, care for newborns, and worker for employment in hospitals and various institutions.
  12. Providing employment with reasonable costs combating the high rate you pay for other workers in the market.


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In conclusion, Al Manama Distinguished Establishment always seeks to provide trained foreign labor to Saudi institutions in order to meet the needs of the largest institutions, order to gain the confidence and complete satisfaction of customers. Thus, we provide regular types of labor in all the various workplaces, to complete all the requirements required by the labor market. In addition, it is still developing its services to be the leader at the national and international level in various fields, such as the field of general contracting, cleaning, catering, and taking care of public and private properties.