Labor for cleaning and sterilization services

Cleaning and sterilization services for institutions and companies in various fields are one of the most important qualities that attract customers, especially after the Covid-19 pandemic. Al Manama Distinguished Establishment provides you with the Labor for cleaning and sterilization services in Saudi institutions and the countries of the Gulf Cooperation Council. All institutions strive for excellence, thus we will provide you with the advanced labor to reach maximum customer satisfaction. So, the success of these companies will increase due to the efficiency of cleaning and sterilization services. We have the best-trained workers from abroad and licensed nationalities by the Ministry of Labor in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. In addition, they follow the best cleaning techniques and tools…etc


Cleaning and sterilization services in Saudi institutions

If you seek the satisfaction of your customers with all services you provide, there are basics that you must always maintain in your organization. The customer’s evaluation of any institution is not limited to the main services only. Whether it is food in restaurants, medical care in hospitals, education in international schools, banks as well, financial services…etc. However, the latest study approved that customers care about all other qualities related to the institutions. The most important standard is cleanliness.

Therefore, Al Manama Distinguished Establishment is the best provision of Labor for cleaning and sterilization services from abroad, we Select workers carefully from abroad.


Awareness of cleaning and sterilization services after the Covid-19

As a result of the Covid-19, a great demand for cleaning and sterilization services appeared. Therefore, the various institutions, such as tourist hotels, cruise ships, restaurants, cafeterias, hospitals, international schools, parks...etc should not neglect the precautionary needs. Not only during the high activity of the Virus but also after the end of the epidemic, have sterilization services become essential.

Therefore, we seek in Al Manama Distinguished Establishment to support large or even small institutions with distinguished services of the highest quality in order to protect all institutions and companies as well as public and private properties from any risks as a result of lack of hygiene and sterilization. 


Standards of cleaning and sterilization services

Al Manama Distinguished Establishment for supplying specialized labor follows the best standards of hygiene and sterilization services according to an ideal organized plan and professional teamwork that has a license from the Ministry and provides the following:

  1. Provision of workers trained in high-quality cleaning and sterilization services for buildings in any place or institution and in all sectors.
  2. Training the workers on the best practical and modern cleaning techniques and sterilization services tools according to the training program.
  3. Ensure that the cleaning process is organized and all procedures are planned according to an organized management plan appropriate to the type and size of the institution.
  4. Training workers to use electronic devices with speed and high efficiency.
  5. Ensure safety and security during all cleaning and sterilization services.
  6. Ensure the safety of capabilities during cleaning and sterilization services.
  7. The staff uses different types of materials and modern electronic devices and techniques for cleaning and sterilization services with the latest technology and high-quality specifications that are safe for the environment and public health.
  8. We provide internal or external cleaning and sterilization services as required by commercial or health institutions.
  9. Continuous update and supply of equipment and tools required for cleaning in all institutions and sites.


Efficient labor is required for cleaning and sterilization services

We seek in Al Manama Distinguished Establishment to provide your institution with the best workers from the best nationalities. Most of them worked in Gulf countries in the field of cleaning and sterilization services and were highly efficient to work for different companies according to an appropriate work contract.

In addition to choosing the nationalities authorized by the Saudi Ministry of Labor, as well as in the countries of the Gulf Cooperation Council. The most expertise staff is in the Philippines, as we follow the following standards:

  • Honesty and perfection in work.
  • Commitment to the labor laws in different companies or institutions, or any other sites including restaurants, hospitals, hotels, parks, or even private or public properties...etc
  • Coordination with the teamwork to ensure the cleanliness
  • Ensure that customers are satisfied in different institutions.
  • The ability to adapt to any conditions at work in all institutions with different activities or even domestic workers.
  • Training of workers to use the best modern tools for cleaning and sterilization services.


Various institutions need cleaning and sterilization services

Al Manama Distinguished Establishment seeks to recruit workers for cleaning and sterilization services in Saudi institutions. No matter how different the institutions’ activities, it grants employment to all governmental or private institutions in the commercial, health, or industry sectors, such as:


Hygiene is one of the basic standards of any health institution. It is the most important safety and healthcare measure in all hospitals. Therefore, it is keen to adhere to global health standards of cleanliness and sterilization services for infection control. 

In addition, it also prevents diseases. Therefore, we support international and private hospitals with the best-trained workers. Cleaning and sterilization are necessary for hospitals in accordance with the laws of the Public Health Authority. Not only sterilizing the patients rooms, but also all administrative offices as well. Thus, they ensure the safety of all workers. 

Therefore, the health sector has become in deep need of an institution that manages permanent cleanliness and sterilization services at the highest level. Thats why Al Manama Distinguished Establishment does the best cleaning services from the patients reception desk to any other facilities.

International Schools:

International schools strive for a better future for the new generations. One of the most important health standards that these institutions apply is cleanliness and permanent sterilization. Because this will help infection control during the students school year and keeps the student healthy for a better future. 

Therefore, Al Manama Distinguished Establishment has cleaning workers at the highest level of different nationalities as well as provides comprehensive services for sterilization and disinfection.


One of the requests for hotels licenses is to ensure cleanliness according to hospitality international standards. Thus, cleanliness is the most important thing for hospitality. Guests expect it so that they feel that they are in their home, enjoying cleanliness, safety, and hospitality as well. Therefore, Al Manama Distinguished Establishment is supporting hotels by the provision of workers for cleaning and sterilization with the best nationalities that have experience in hospitality. They also are trained on the requirements of hospitality working in hotels and following the laws of each hotel.

Restaurants and cafeterias:

It is not only hotels that customers are keen on their cleanliness, but also the places of food serving. It includes many places such as restaurants, and cafeterias, which serve food and beverages. So, cleanliness is required besides the food and beverages service. More attention is paid to the cleanliness and sterilization of the place. More customers will be attracted to these unparalleled services.

Domestic Workers:

All families in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia seek to find the best domestic workers for cleaning. One of the best examples is the Filipino worker that Saudi society is accustomed to. All the maids carry out household cleaning operations and even the Indian worker carry out various domestic services constantly. Therefore, Al Manama Distinguished Establishment offers the provision of workers of highly qualified nationalities in domestic work and any other requirements of domestic work. It includes private maids for home care and cleaning and polishing the house.


In conclusion, Al Manama Distinguished Establishment is a pioneer in providing Labor for cleaning and sterilization services. It has more than 40 years of experience. Cleanliness builds customer loyalty to this clean facility because it exerts all efforts to ensure cleanliness.

Dont waste this chance and you can contact us by phone or by sending your organization’s data via e-mail. We seek coordination with you to get the most specialized labor at the highest level and international standards. Thus, that will help the development and progress of various institutions and companies in all fields.