Providing institutions with special catering services

The catering service is a distinct service that needs an integrated institution because it builds a distinct experience for the customer, so Al Manama Distinguished Establishment contributes to providing institutions with special catering services. Al Manama Distinguished Establishment has more than 40 years of experience in the corporate business field. It works to enhance a special customer experience and contribute to improving the level of service to exceed customer expectations. Catering services include various corporations such as tourist restaurants, tourist hotels, cruise ships, travel agencies, and hospitals. Therefore, we help your organization reach levels of customer satisfaction by developing and providing services in an unparalleled manner.


Competition between restaurants and hotels to provide distinguished food services:

Nowadays, there are now many restaurants and hotels in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the Arab Gulf countries in general. These restaurants vary from fast food restaurants, open buffet restaurants as in hotels, table service restaurants, as well as home delivery restaurants. 

The tourism hotel sector is one of the sectors that are highly concerned with high-quality standards in organizing, catering, and preparing. Therefore, we are honored to provide the best methods of service and quality food. We provide competitive prices with the best quality labor and customer service experience. Guests in hotels usually are looking for a hotel with all services that include all additional services. These services include accommodation and entertainment, as well as special food.


Specifications of providing institutions with special catering services:

We follow the most important standards for catering in Al Manama Distinguished Establishment. Thus, we always strive to exceed the expectations of the customer. Besides, we also seek that customer returns back. The necessary standards are as follows:

First: The special reception of the client

Greeting customers is the most important thing that gives them the first impression and attracts them to the restaurant.

Second: the perfect smile without exaggeration

A smile opens the doors to a lot of acceptance among individuals, especially when you are providing a distinguished service. Therefore, we are keen to train our workers on a comfortable smile.

Third: a decent and elegant appearance

Our workers follow the standards of any institution they belong to. Whatever it is, if it is a hospital, international school, cruise ship, or restaurant the appropriate uniform will be followed by our staff.

Fourth: Personal hygiene for all institution members

We are always keen to leave a distinctive experience in the minds of customers, so hygiene is one of the most important quality standards for tourist restaurants or hospitals, or any catering place.

Fifth: Cleanliness of various dining tools, tables, and chairs

Cleaning is a masterpiece for all restaurants and hospitals. Thus, the workers can trust the restaurant and eat in it.

Sixth: Informing the client of the available offers

Some restaurants feature a specific meal every day, so the customer must be informed of it or any other offers. It is also possible to increase customer satisfaction by briefly telling what the menu contains.

Seventh: The speed of meeting customer needs

We strive to reach customer satisfaction. So we conduct the best training program for our labor to be more accurate and professional. Therefore, notes must be written down accurately.

Eighth: Accuracy and high quality

Al Manama Distinguished Establishment enjoys recruiting foreign workers from the best and most skilled chefs. Therefore, the chefs fulfill the request of the work as they wanted and adhere to the required food standards and the highest quality.

Ninth: Effective communication with the client

We choose a workforce that has effective communication skills with clients. As it is the interface of the institution in which he works. So he must communicate and talk to the client respectfully and interact in an appropriate manner. So, the labor represents the institution during any communication with the customer.

Tenth: Catering service for patients in Hospitals

Hospitals have different instructions to care more for the patients, so special healthy food has to be cooked for them in hospitals. Caring for patients is the main goal of all hospitals. Thus, our staff will be trained to care for the patients well.


Employment skills that we provide for special catering services in institutions

The most important thing that distinguishes an institution from competing institutions is the service it provides, and the quality of service depends on the level of workers who have the required experience, and skills and the selection of a suitable worker in a job suitable for him to implement such as:

  1. Communication skills and dealing with customers.
  2. Body language skills and persuasion skills.
  3. Personal hygiene.
  4. Teamwork skills and collaboration with each department in the institution.
  5. Commitment to working in accordance with the etiquette, principles, and ethics of the Arab community.
  6. The skills needed to quickly respond to the clients request.
  7. Cheerful face and smile.
  8. Follow the laws and regulations of the institution in which the worker works, whether hospitals, restaurants, international schools, catering halls, banquet halls, cruise ships, casinos, and other places based on the clients request.
  9. Mastering the cook skills of food with standards that exceed customer expectations.
  10. Proficiency in cooking local and national dishes and studying sufficient information about them.
  11. The English language is one of the most important skills needed to understand the clients request.
  12. Adoption of international quality standards and specifications (ISO) of services.
  13. Commitment to the rules of public health and safety.
  14. Problem-solving and dispute resolution skills.
  15. Honesty in dealing.


Distinguished catering services with Al Manama Distinguished Establishment 

There are still many surprises with Al Manama Distinguished Establishment, where catering services dont depend only on preparing menus, specialized chefs, and customer service. It includes other special services such as:

Prepare the right place

Al Manama Distinguished Establishment seeks to provide a suitable atmosphere for the customer so that they get a unique and unforgettable experience. Recent studies have proven the importance of the general atmosphere accompanying dining in providing a distinctive and happy experience for the customer. It makes him a permanent customer of institutions, and this is what Al Manama Distinguished Establishment seeks. Therefore, we provide you with all the necessary preparations for places to serve food, such as decorating and preparing dining tables, as well as placing the necessary decorations and lighting, and can also provide entertainment for this event if necessary.

Distinguished Employment Training Program for providing special catering services for institutions

We also make special programs for training labor to adhere to all manners, and principles of the various tourism and hotel establishments and hospitals. Food and beverage standards differ from one institution to another. For instance, schools labor follows the standards and laws enacted by the special authorities in education for schools and integrates healthy meals for all students in canteens.

While cooking in hospitals differs according to modern standards for serving meals. Therefore, Al Manama Distinguished Establishment conducts all training programs on modern equipment in order to cook according to the latest cooking methods and tools. A menu is also written and designed in a way that attracts customers.

While in the field of hotels and hospitality, training is essential to acquire the highest level of special skills in the field of tourism and hotel services. This training helps the worker to develop his skill and provide them with the required skills in managing the customers reservation request. Therefore, we provide qualified and trained workers with the highest level and train them to write important reports as well. This will help them master the preparation, management, and organization of services and activities in various fields.

Reasonable prices

In addition to all these services, we have competitive prices with the best quality integrated services comprehensive in all functions.


Recruitment of nationalities with experience in catering service

  1. We recruit professional workers from the best nationalities who have experience and actual practice in these areas of catering. It is based primarily on professional customer service skills. 
  2. Also, our goal is to search for the most skilled and experienced chefs from different countries in the restaurant, hotel industry, and institutions. It provides catering services, including added services, to improve the customers experience through comprehensive training for them.
  3. These nationalities include Filipino, Indonesian, Bangladeshi and Indian nationalities...etc. Besides, other nationalities have the skills and experience.
  4. They also have a speed of adaptation to society and the environment of the Arab Gulf states and Saudi Arabia in particular. 
  5. These nationalities can perfectly commit to the rules of the work. In any department and quick knowledge of the various and specific aspects of this sector, as it is licensed labor, according to the laws of the Saudi Ministry of Labor.


In conclusion, Al Manama Distinguished Establishment is a leader in the field of providing and processing institutions with special catering services. Al Manama Distinguished Establishment has a large group of clients that we are honored that we have offered them our services. It includes tourism and educational facilities, including Movenpick Hotel, Rotana Hotel, and Al Manarat International Schools. In addition to Pure Food International Company in Jeddah and Dr. Sulaiman Al Habib Hospital Group in Riyadh...etc.

If you are looking for more information about Al Manama Distinguished Establishment, dont hesitate to contact us. Its an honor for us for providing institutions with special catering services and cooperates with your institution to reach the best services.